Support for harassed Harrow socialist councillor rapidly mounting

A petition gathering hundreds of signatures asks the Labour party to immediately cease its purported action against the Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick and confirm in writing that she will not be auto-excluded from Labour membership.
pam3Ms Fitzpatrick, a proud socialist and trade unionist who was a parliamentary candidate for Harrow East last election, has been threatened with “auto-exclusion” from membership of the Labour party by the party’s Compliance Unit on the grounds that she is allegedly a supporter of Socialist Appeal, an organisation that the Labour party under Starmer’s leadership is not easy about.
Ms Fitzpatrick was interviewed by Socialist Appeal in May 2020 regarding why she was applying for the position of general secretary Labour party.
“The interview took place more than a year before the NEC made the decision to proscribe Socialist Appeal. Anything a member is alleged to have done at a time when an organisation is not proscribed cannot possibly be a basis for auto-exclusion on grounds of support for that organisation” argues the petition by members of Ms Fitzpatrick’s Harrow West Constituency Labour Party, started by Aghileh Djafari Marbini who herself experienced nastiness by the Blairites when she went through the selection process for the Brent and Harrow assembly seat.
“The Compliance Unit has provided no evidence that Pamela has supported Socialist Appeal as defined by the NEC” asserts the petition.
The petition could be signed here.