Harrow socialist councillor hits back at Labour party governance

pam5Describing the controversial actions by the Labour party leader, general secretary and some national executives, Pamela Fitzpatrick, a socialist and trade unionist who was a parliamentary candidate for Harrow East last election, said “The banning of people through proscription, the punishment of those associating with banned people, dictating who members can be friends with and what we can read are the actions of dictators in fascist states”.
Ms Fitzpatrick has been threatened with “auto-exclusion” from membership of the Labour party by the party’s Compliance Unit on the grounds that she is allegedly a supporter of Socialist Appeal, an organisation that the Labour party under Starmer’s leadership is not easy about.
Ms Fitzpatrick was interviewed by Socialist Appeal in May 2020 regarding why she was applying for the position of general secretary Labour party.
“Obviously one could not be a member of another political party such as the Greens and expect to continue to be a member of the Labour Party.  But what Starmer, Evans and some of the NEC are doing goes way beyond this.  Their actions in proscribing whole organisations and seeking to expel anyone that has had contact with those organisations past or present is seeking to prohibit who members can associate with  – the magnitude of this action cannot be ignored” Ms Fitzpatrick states.
“So many of our MPs are silent on this or even support such actions should be a wake-up call to us all. Fascism does not arrive one day with soldiers in trucks with guns, it arrives like this” Ms Fitzpatrick pointed out.
The Labour party has lost successive by-elections under Starmer unpopular leadership, narrowly surviving the last one. Many feel they can’t trust the party that treats its own in such an oppressive manner, to unite the nation if in power.