Harrow council work crumbling under ‘pandemic pressure’, sad!

Harrow council is good at generating data and would provide all kinds of figures to show residents satisfaction with its work, but the reality is very different!
It looks that general lack of challenging leadership by the Members has not only enabled veiling ineffectiveness and incompetence under the ‘pandemic cover’, but has given rise to under-hand practices discouraging residents to contact the council which include withdrawal of an email address (like for the council tax department) and withdrawing a number of phone lines. Long delays in replying to the resident’s queries.
Corporate Directorate (People) is less receptive!
Added to all this is rather immature attitude of some Members, enjoying generous taxpayers money but playing victimhood when concerns raised about their performance or lack of their interest in the ward matters while they are busy in raising their socio-political profile.
Feedback following the articles Harder for residents to contact Harrow council and Harrow council could do more in responding to Covid-19 provide examples of extreme difficulties in getting caring services, like in arranging council tax for a new house, setting garden waste subscription or in dealing with multiple garden waste subscriptions taken from a bank account, and in buying new food caddies. Delays in resolving disability matters.
In some cases, letter to the council have been shunted around, with the departmental responses being the same as received previously.
It is never too late for the constituency political parties to train their councillors and potential councillors about their role/responsibilities, focusing on serving the ward first and providing good value for the taxpayers money.