“We defy you! Do your worst!”, message to Starmer’s Labour Party

Dedicated socialist Pamela Fitzpatrick, a Harrow councillor and Labour parliamentary candidate for Harrow East at the last election, has been speaking out about the abuse many women have suffered in the Labour Party.
“A growing number of women, like me, are speaking out about the abuse they have endured in the Labour Party over many years. I have started speaking more openly about the abuse and harassment I have experienced from a small group of men since 2016. I have tried all available complaint routes and been ignored” reports Ms Fitzpatrick.
“It’s clear that many women have had enough.  And our message.  ‘We defy you! Do your worst’!” says Ms Fitzpatrick.
What happens in macro, must happen in micro!
Responding to Ms Fitzpatrick on the Facebook, a variety of oppressive experiences by women have been shared, like the one blow.
“I am one of those women who suffered misogyny and abuse in the LP … I have made at least three complaints to Labour using the online form, not one complaint has been acknowledged … The LP is a toxic environment for socialists and being a woman means you’re fair game for the bullies.”
Regarding Ms Fitzpatrick bad experiences of the Labour Party, most probably locally, Gareth Thomas, the only Labour MP in Harrow, was asked whether he offered any support to Ms Fitzpatrick, he has not responded.