Little known counter staff cuts at the Harrow Post Office causing chaos

POLong queues at the St Ann’s post office not because of the Covid-19 implications but apparently due to big counter staff cuts.
Depressed counter staff at the post office are worried about 50 percent staff cuts and the extra work load so resulted. At times, only three members of the staff were seen who not only manage the counters but also try to help in processing the parcels using the self-service counters.
In February 2019, the Harrow Post Office branch was transferred to WHSmith High Street Ltd who are operating it from their premises at the St Ann’s shopping centre since.  WHSmith  has  been  operating  Post Offices within its stores since 2007.
Post offices have been a staple of British life for decades, variously providing a local place for people to pay their bills, collect benefits, drop off their parcels, and buy stamps.
However, the number of branches dwindled from about 25,000 in the mid-1960s to 11,638 in March 2020 which are mostly (99%) operated by franchise partners or sub-postmasters, who are independent business people. Only around 1% of post offices are Crown post offices, which are directly managed by Post Office Limited.