Kenton West by-election:  Labour to exercise ‘positive discrimination’!

Soon after the Pinner South by-election, won by Conservatives, now Kenton West is set to have a by-election due to the death of the sitting councillor Vina Mithani (Conservative).
Apparently, Harrow Labours have been directed to select only a female candidate for this by-election, justifying that this is to redress gender imbalance in the ruling Labour group on the Harrow council (15F/20M).
Strange that they did not consider redressing such gender imbalance significant enough when selecting the Labour candidate for Pinner South by-election (the defeated male candidate was from the Harrow West MP’s Labour and Co-operative Party).
Labour seems to practise ‘positive discrimination’ subjectively as and when needed.
They decided to have a female only parliamentary candidate for Harrow East constituency at the last general election but when one was selected, some key Harrow Labours reacted badly and did not provide the expected level of help and support to her, with the result that the dedicated socialist Pamela Fitzpatrick, a Harrow councillor, lost.
It also looks that when women are invited  for the candidacy and come forward, they are treated badly:
“A growing number of women, like me, are speaking out about the abuse they have endured in the Labour Party over many years. I have started speaking more openly about the abuse and harassment I have experienced from a small group of men since 2016. I have tried all available complaint routes and been ignored” reports Pamela Fitzpatrick, a member of the Labour’s new National Women’s Committee.
“It’s clear that many women have had enough.  And our message.  ‘We defy you! Do your worst’!” says Ms Fitzpatrick.
What happens in macro, must happen in micro! This becomes more concerning considering the ‘community cohesion’ work at the civic centre being in most unsuitable hands.
Such is the situation that a petition supporting Ms Fitzpatrick’s was launched by her Harrow West Constituency Labour Party, started by Aghileh Djafari Marbini who herself experienced nastiness by the Blairites when she went through the selection process for the Brent and Harrow assembly seat.
Regarding Ms Fitzpatrick ongoing bad experiences of the Labour Party, most probably locally as well, Gareth Thomas, the only Labour MP in Harrow, was asked whether he offered any support to Ms Fitzpatrick, he has not responded.