Covid booster data poorly linked – Harrow no exception!

While the  government and local politicians mark their interest in public health by asking to have Covid booster jab, they fail to ensure that the booster data are effectively and properly linked to the vaccination records held at the national or GP level.
As a policy matter, booster data are not included in NHS COVID Pass with the implications as highlighted below.
booster(Marilyn Ashton is a councillor and deputy leader of  the Harrow council Conservatives.)
At the local level, many Harrow GPs have not received the booster data for their patients, vaccinated months ago. Their workload has increased due to the calls from the worried patients who can’t access their booster data and have been told by most unhelpful NHS 119 to contact the GP or the centre that administered the vaccine.
The Harrow Monitoring Group understands that some Harrow GPs have contacted the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (HCCG) and the Healthwatch Harrow about the missing booster data and implications but feel ‘banging the head against a brick wall’!
We also understand that most of the data not yet linked to the Harrow GPs is specific to the Byron Hall which the Harrow council had declared as Harrow’s mass vaccination centre.
The two sections at the Byron Hall centre, managed by HCCG doctors (clinical directors), look after patients for vaccination from the GP surgeries on their respective lists and seem to have different ethos.
One that looks after surgeries in the posh parts of the borough, is apparently well managed and organised, keeps the patients well-informed and has processed the electronic booster data more successfully.
On the other hand, the collaborative network, opened on certain days, seemingly has not linked the booster data to the GPs surgeries on its list (no information available to contact this network).
No doubt the pandemic has created additional pressure on the public services but hiding behind it and  running down services by inefficient authorities and agencies, is totally unacceptable.