Labour Party in big mess – latest victim, a Harrow Cllr!

Many Labour Party members have been expressing concerns about the nature and quality of the present Labour leadership that seems to be following the Blair model of governance in many ways, including systematic exclusion of the dedicated party activists/socialists!
What is happening at the national level apparently reflects in the ethos and practices of the local constituency Labour parties, with the latest victim being Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick (photo) who has been expelled from the Labour Party and has now issued a public statement (extracts below):
Pam“I received yesterday afternoon a letter from the Labour Party expelling me as a member of the party.  My offence, that I spoke to Socialist Appeal in May 2020 about why I had applied for the role as General Secretary of the Labour Party. Labour proscribed Socialist Appeal this summer and has retrospectively applied the rule.
As some will know I have been subjected to a sustained campaign of harassment since 2016.  Those responsible are a small group of men holding positions in the party, some elected. Many people in the local party are very aware of who is responsible. I have complained of this harassment multiple times.  Many members locally have witnessed it. Very little has been done to hold those responsible to account.
I am disappointed that so many in Harrow Labour have failed to speak up. Sadly, career aspirations so often get in the way of principles.
I so wish my case was an isolated incident. That was has happened is somehow unique to Harrow.  But sadly, I have come to understand that it is not. So many women have told me their stories. Of how similar abuse has impacted on both their physical and mental health.  Many have resigned from the roles, some have left the party.
The common thread to all those who are  abused in this way? We are socialists. Altruism appears to be so alien, a concept to some in our party.  So frightened are the establishment of socialism that it appears they will stop at nothing.”
Councillor Fitzpatrick has  been a Labour councillor since 2014.  She secured an increased majority in 2018. She has held the position of Chair or Vice Chair of the Harrow Labour Group. She was selected as a Parliamentary Candidate in 2017 (looks some vindictive local Labour members have not been able to live with this!!). Cllr Fitzpatrick was very recently elected to Labour’s National Women’s Committee with a majority of over 100,000.
Tweets supporting Fitzpatrick are rapidly pouring, including the following by Aghileh Djafari-Marbini who herself suffered harassment during the Brent and Harrow London assembly member’s selection:
“Top brass should hang their heads in shame. No wonder they struggle so hard with the word socialist they are all antithesis to all socialists and socialism. The red flag will fly in Harrow despite these people”.