About us

The community and its welfare matter to us most.
The Harrow Monitoring Group is grown out of a cumulative and collective experience in serving the Harrow community that goes back many years. The group was formally launched in 2014.

Photo below is an example of a borough-wide initiative in 1991 which was widely  supported by the community organisations, some are still active and supportive:

RHSC LaunchThe group is not an online newspaper but a community group and as such analyses, comments, and raises searching/leading questions about the issues of interest/concern, all in public interest and to inform public opinion.
Our website uses WP templates (cost effective), otherwise we are not a blog! 
Our prime objective is to work towards improving the quality of life by (a) promoting social justice (b) monitoring and dealing with any policies, practices or situations of interest to the community, including those that adversely affect residents welfare and rights, particularly vulnerable or less well represented (c) focusing on the areas in the borough that are most deprived according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation (d) educating public opinion by keeping informed and being informed in a very diverse borough.

Some of the Harrow characteristics
White 30.9% – non-White 69.1%; 5-17 age group 16.21%; 25-59 age group 49.6%; non-White pupils in schools 81.5%  (2011 Census)
The HMG has collective responsibility.
All communications to us are public and can be used as we see fit.
We don’t track visitors to our website.

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